Administrative Notes

Tapestry will update this week on a MT/TF schedule, or four updates. They’re all in the scheduler. I am feeling quite good about the relaunch so far, and have not been struck down with any inconvinient flu bugs, writers block episodes or family drama. I’ll continue to fill in the scheduler until I have a three week buffer of MT/TF posts and if I write even more than that (ideally) I’ll fill in to a MTWTF schedule, and then start building out to a four week buffer, and then add Saturday, then five week, then Sunday, then six week.

I honestly expect to fail somewhere in there, the question really becomes where.

Other things to do: make more ads and advertise like Dickens. Did Dickens advertise? I don’t know! But I am going to imagine he did. Continue reviewing Book Two so far and making notes on details and plot points. Work on writing the two side stories that I may also launch, though I think I will write my buffers of those before launching the things.

In short, I have an idea for a weekly serial detective / medieval fantasy series, which would update weekly with long chapters, and an intensely silly zombie apocalypse style romance story, which would update… on whatever schedule zombie apocalypse romance stories update.

My meta-plan also includes using this blog to link to interesting things, post story ideas and post short stories. I like my meta-plan.